Friday, 28 November 2008


Hello all. Last post from Michelle. I could hardly believe it was all coming to an end as I arrived on Luing for my last day big drawing. How wonderful to spend time at the school I was told I couldn't miss, though getting stopped by boisterous cattle along the road, I made slow progress. This beautiful lighthouse is Fladda, the young artists told me.

Lauren created a marvellous textured land and sea scape, complete with gulls, so atmospheric.
And how could I not mention Stewart. To my utter delight, Stewart and I realised that we had met before. On my first visit to Luing in April I had been walking through a field of cattle and got a bit terrified by all the stomping as I could see they were nervous of us around their young. Up drove a friendly young farmer on his quad bike, nonchalantly telling us not to worry and just to keep on walking. That 8 year old farmer was Stewart. And that's his dad's smashing tractor below.

What a wonderful end to an extraordinary, indescribable journey. Thank you to everyone I met along the way, you made it what it was. This is Michelle Letowska, signing out.

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