Saturday, 1 November 2008

Achnamara and Achahoish

Hello hello, Michelle here. Now, if I thought Tayvallich Primary was small, Ashfield Primary in Achnamara on day three was tiny! Its a lovely warm and bright school with only six, yes SIX pupils! And weren't they energetic! Animals featured large in the drawings and we were lucky enough to spot a rather lively red squirrel bounding around on a tree just outside the classroom window, frenetically collecting nuts. This seal was one of a few that had been spotted on the way to school.

I raced across to Achahoish for the afternoon and was just in time to catch the last serving of lunch, which was a very welcome hearty homemade leek and potato soup, followed by a winning school dinner staple of sticky toffee shortbread and chocolate custard. Truly delicious. With a couple of absenses, the school's ten pupils aged four to ten told me all about their preparatory drawings, capturing beautifully the details of their journeys to school. There were wee boats, lots of houses and big trees rendered in autumnal glows.

After working hard all afternoon on postcards
sent to Luss Primary, the marvellous pupils presented me with a bottle of their own home made house plant food, fresh from their own wormery, and rather temptingly decantered into a wee milk bottle - I must be careful not to take a swig by mistake!

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