Friday, 28 November 2008

Kilchrenan and Dalmally

Kilchrenan is a delightful little school along another single track road that seems endless. Their newly landscaped garden is coming along very nicely and the P4s to 7s were a lovely group who didn't miss a chance to draw their teacher Mr Dickie in one continuous line (not a bad likeness at all).

After lots and lots and lots of quick drawings, maps and planning, a brilliantly diverse range of postcards began to materialise. I loved this one of all the older pupils and staff at the school, every single one with a big grin on their face.
On to Dalmally in the afternoon, once again further than I thought (must be something to do with not driving often, this losing all sense of distance versus time!). The school had undertaken an unbelievable amount of preparation and their sketches of the area hung on a washing line all around the classroom as postcard inspiration.

This psychedelic electricity pylon is just beautiful (yes, a pylon)...

as was this rather more sombre but stunning landscape.

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