Friday, 28 November 2008

Easdale and Kilninver

Hello hello, Michelle again. Easdale Primary is a lovely wee school on the island of Seil, just across the water from Easdale island. All 34 children took part in lots of drawing fun, including this young chap drawing himself using his left hand. Not a bad likeness at all!

After the break the older children made a whole range of beautiful postcard to send to Lochgoilhead primary. The one above show a fantastically sunny day of fishing aboard a trawler.

After forgetting my box of treats (materials) and getting horrendously lost, I eventually made it to Kilninver Primary, who threw themselves (including the teacher!) into creating some fantastic renditions of each other. The class told me all about the recent mapping work and pointed out lots of marvellous things that would inspire their card.

This lovely night scene of the bay was carefully rendered using soft pastels on dark card.

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