Thursday, 22 January 2009

Doodle Earth; we came , we saw, we drew our socks off!

Well, Happy New Year! 2009 and it's gonna be just fine! Doodle Earth 2008 has come and gone, schools have swapped their postcards in the biggest littlest school exchange programme that we know about - with almost military like organisation, but a million times more fun! It's been a blast for us 3 artists, being able to go to so many different schools and meet so many young artists drawing such beautiful and interesting maps and postcards that show us what's important to them in their local world.

Please do read on for pictures, stories and photos from the schools by the artists, and keep a lookin now and again for updates.

Best for now, and for all the fun drawing to do in 2009!

Jenny, (one of the three).