Saturday, 1 November 2008

Lochgilphead and Inverary

Ello ello Michelle again. Right, where were we? Oh yes. Thursday. Lochgilphead Primary is part of an enormous new campus and P6 got really excited with some of the warm up drawing exercises producing some brilliant results. This picture is a two handed drawing of a classmate done in only two minutes!

After talking me through some of the photographs the class had taken on a walk the week before in the surrounding of the school, some of them chose to draw from these images. I really loved the way one of the pupils used pastels to capture the wintry silhouettes of nearby trees left with only a few leaves.

Friday took me to Inverary and the fabulous class of P6 and P7s really took to the warm up exercises. Here's an incredible drawing of an elephant that is being made without taking the pen off the page at all!

Inverary's postcards are being sent to St Mun's Primary in Dunoon and the war memorial was just one of many features drawn by the children.
It was a pure joy to see so many of the messages from Inverary Primary included the phrase 'I love drawing'. Can't say more than that!

So, week one in the bag. Only another, what, fifteen schools to go. Ready? You bet! Just going to finish this cup of tea. Ah. That's better.

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