Friday, 28 November 2008

Craignish and Glassary

Dear Doodlers of the Earth,
Michelle here. After two weeks of drawing myself (luxury!), I returned to the classrooms and staffrooms of Argyll and Bute for Big Draw part two and what a start we had. Craignish threw themselves into their drawings with no holds (or felt tips) barred.

What a beautiful collection of drawings and postcards they had created by the end of the morning. There was hardly time to pack up our crayons before rushing off to Glassary in the driving rain.

The whole school at Glassary joined in for tons of wrong handed drawing, continuous line drawing, drawing with their eyes closed, collaborative drawing, map drawing, drawing drawing and more drawing.

When we finally settled down to creat the postcards, the pastels on dark card proved very popular which resulted in wonderfully atmospheric images.

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