Thursday, 13 November 2008

Helensburgh to Kilcreggan to Loch Lomond and Back

Well, it started in the P6 classrooms of John Logie Baird, then the GP room of Rhu (General Purpose room filled with laptops, musical instruments and books - heaven!), then rushing round Garelochhead, Kilcreggan, Rosneath, Luss then last day but not least, the dining hall of Cardross! Big schools, wee schools, round about and over the hill schools, loch side schools, centre of town schools, hill-side schools, 'nearly in a wood' schools...It's been a very varied geographical journey so it has, and very exciting too.

I feel like an intrepid explorer myself as I gallavant from one school to the next - as artist Val put it from her Kintyre visit, it's wonderful being able to see the different journeys that each student experiences on their way to school, what they can see, hear, do and notice on the way, and how one student's route to school can be so different to someone else's!

This is a Memory Map from John Logie Baird Primary - The blue line is a bit faint on the actual town map, but can you see that the blue line on this memory map is a very good re-drawing (freehand!) of this student's route to school?

Here's another great 'memory map' from John Logie Baird - You can see the redrawn route better with purple!

Check out the drawings below for pictures of fantastic homework; maps of the route to school using memory, real maps and photos/drawings done for homework; great postcards and students being completely absorbed in the project - exciting stuff!

Using Homework and Classwork to develop into postcards and memory maps.

Terrific homework of 4 things seen on the way to school.

Some more terrific homework and the developing memory map and postcard.

Brilliant memory maps show how different every pupil's journey to school can be!

Rhu's postcards which will be sent to Ardrishaig or Lochnell primary schools.

The backs of the postcards in order - can you find the right stories to the right picture postcard?

This student took some great photos and as you can see from the drawing above, did a great drawn copy of the entrance to school! Great perspective!

This has to be my favourite drawing of a church! It looks so alive doesn't it?!

This student has drawn some great people they see on the way to school! Who do you think they are?

I'm learning so much about Argyll and Bute just be looking at everyone's drawings, maps and postcards. Not forgetting what a talented bunch all the pupils are who I've met so far!

Well done everyone! Let's see what the next week of drawing brings!
Best for now, Jenny Soep

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